Look for our 2020 release once we've overcome this Pandemic! Stay safe!
Look for our 2020 release once we've overcome this Pandemic! Stay safe!
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About Us

Conceptualized and designed to emphasis one’s individuality and unique style since 2001, Crowne Creations has produced strictly “One-Of-A-Kind” luxury headwear products designed, developed and handcrafted to meet our customer’s detailed specifications.  Always using the finest quality fabrics and materials, each Crowne is meticulously constructed, inspected and re-inspected before leaving our workshop; with many of our Crowne’s embellished with our signature genuine Sterling Silver logo pins or our genuine 14 kt. Gold (NOT plated) logo pins.      

Created with the rich history and lineage of the African American community in mind, we sought to design and develop a product that would not only remind us of that history but also instill a sense of royalty in our daily coming and going.  A product that is accessible but exclusive enough that one could express their individual look and style.

Now after over 15 years, our customers have requested that we open our offerings and produce a less expensive and even more assessible Crownes while maintaining exclusivity!  So now for 2020 we are now creating Limited Edition headwear for the man or women who only want the very best, that person that prefers to not see themselves coming and going every time someone passes by wearing the same hat or cap.  To ensure that exclusivity, we never make any more than 50 units of any product; often we make even less.  Each new Crowne we produce includes a Certificate of Authenticity card with a serial number identifying that specific Crowne guaranteeing its authenticity.  After all, there is no other article of clothing that is such a clear extension of one’s personality has the hat or cap – so express yourself, you deserve it!

Our goal here at Crowne Creations has never been to sell as many hats as possible, but to sell the best and most exclusive hats that best compliments one’s style, personality and individualism.